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Does your campaign strategy call for re-canvassing households? Started with a persuasion phase and you're now moving GOTV? FieldEdge HQ provides a simple way to reset a list so it can be re-canvassed or re-called.


To keep track of the people in your nation that have been contacted while canvassing or phone banking, FieldEdge adds "special FE tags" to reflect the interaction. The tag includes the interaction was a walk or call and if they were completed (regardless of the outcome) or skipped. This tool provides an easy way to remove all of those tags easily.

Alternatively to using this tool, you can use NationBuiler to reset a list in some cases. We recommended reviewing our Re-canvass & re-calling voters guide before using this tool.

Accessing the List Reset Tool

Find the List Reset feature in the 'Tools' section of FieldEdge HQ (click here to open).

Start a New List Reset

  1. Use the "New Reset" button to start the reset process.

  2. Select the list of people you would like to reset

  3. Next, select which type of tags you would like to remove. For example, if you only want to re-canvass people that were Completed during Canvassing, select "Canvass Completed"

  4. Confirm the List Reset

  5. The reset will be scheduled and the status will be added to overview screen

Note: Reseting a list is permanent and may take several minutes to complete depending on the size of your list. We recommend keeping the list 500 people.

For people canvassing or calling during the April transition period, this List Reset Tool offers a way to only reset tags that were applied during past canvass or call sessions – attempting restore the list to it's previous status. To use this option, select Only reset older completions/skips.

Understanding tags and the list reset settings

Tag Removal SettingNotesExample Tag(s)

Canvass Completed

Tags associated with a completing a person (with any status, eg. inaccessible) during a FieldEdge Canvass Walk.

FE:walk Completed FE:walk0 Completed fe:walk:20210822 canvassed

Canvass Skipped

Tags associated with skipping a person during a FieldEdge Canvass Walk (normally used if you want to canvass a single person in the house).

FE:walk Skipped FE:walk:231 Completed

Call Completed

Tags associated with completing person (with any status, eg. Not answered) during a FieldEdge Call Time Session.

FE:call Completed FE:call:7243 Completed

Call Skipped

Tags associated with skipping person during a FieldEdge Call Time Session.

FE:call Completed FE:call:323 Completed

Only reset older completions/skips

Removes only tags that are not the new format and are not associated with the current list. Or put another way, remove older tags not applied during the most recent round of walks or calls.

If the list_id = 23, the following tags would be removed: FE:call:3673 Completed FE:walk:11 Completed fe:walk:20210822 canvassed And the following tags would not be removed. FE:walk Completed FE:call:23 Completed

Automatic Backups

As part of the reset process, FieldEdge automatically creates a backup of your list, which you can download at any time.


What is the max list size the tool supports?

The list tool is designed to work with a list of up to 500 people. It may be able to handle larger lists, however, it is untested and will take a long time.

How long should it take?

You should expect the tool to process around 100-120 people per minute – after a short delay while the job is scheduled.

For larger lists you may find using NationBuilder's batch update feature much faster since it connects directly to your database (note you will need to have started using FieldEdge after April 2023 or have reset all of your lists since that date, so you only have a few tag variations to reset).

Further Reading

If you haven't already, we recommend reading our guide to re-canvass and re-calling voters.

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