Creating call lists

Planning to make calls to people in your NationBuilder database? Learn how to create call lists in NationBuilder and sync them to FieldEdge

To call a pre-defined list of people using FieldEdge, you will need to create a list in NationBuilder and share it will your callers.

Generating your list

Finding people who match your target criteria

Before creating and adding people to your list, you can use a filter to find the people who match your criteria. This may be people with:

  • phone numbers

  • have been tagged in a certain way

  • match criteria party or priority level

  • donation amounts

  1. In the People section, click on the Filter button.

  2. Add your criteria

  3. Click filter

The people shown should be filtered and ready to add to a list.

Creating the list and add people to

In the People section, when you click on the Lists tab, you can create a list.

1. If you click on the word Lists, a widget will appear displaying your nation's lists.

2. Click + Create List.

3. Type the name of your new list, and press the Create button. Your list will be created and appear in the widget menu.

4. You can click Edit next to the name of your list to edit its settings or to delete the list. Edit will only appear next to the list names when you hover over its name.

Assigning your list

When saving (or editing) your list, you have the option to share your list with a group of people through permission sets or a specific control panel user. Regardless of what the settings are set to, all Admin users will have access to all lists.

When using the "share with another person", you can only assign a single control panel user.

Learn more about assigning call lists here.

Syncing your lists to the FieldEdge mobile app

Once you create your lists in NationBuilder and assign them to a person or permission set, they will automatically sync to FieldEdge and become available as a list to canvass.

Having trouble with lists? Please reach out to our friendly team, we're always here to help!

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