Batch update a list in NationBuilder

Resetting a list via NationBuilder for re-calling or re-canvassing

For canvass or calls that happened AFTER 11 April 2024

Step 1: Log in to NationBuilder and head to People

Start by logging into your NationBuilder account. Once logged in, navigate to the People section from the top menu.

Step 2: Find or create a list of people to re-canvass

  • In order to update the completion status, we need the people to be on a list

  • You can update an existing list or create a new one using filters

  • Click the list to open all of the options

Keep in mind that someone "Completed" in FieldEdge can be of any status (answered, no answered) so you can target people with certain status using NationBuilder filters such as "Last Contact was No Answer" and then add those people to a list that is reset.

Step 3: Batch update the list

  • Head to the Batch update tab

  • Select the Tags sub-tab

  • Change Action to take to Remove

  • Select one of the following tags as applicable

    • FE:walk Complete - People canvassed (any outcome)

    • FE:walk Skipped - People that were part of the canvass but were skipped

    • FE:call Complete - People called (any outcome)

    • FE:call Skipped - People that were part of the canvass but were skipped

  • Press the button Update tags X people

Repeat for each tag or list that is applicable to your situation.

You should now be able to re-canvass those people in FieldEdge.

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