Migrating to v3

Guide to migrating from FieldEdge v2 to v3

As of Nov 1, 2023 FieldEdge 2 may no longer be available in the Google Play Store (and may be deleted from any existing device). We highly recommend migrating the v3 before that date.

As of Oct 17, 2023 your FieldEdge 2 account has been migrated to FieldEdge 3. You will be able to login to the HQ Dashboard using your email address and connect your nation.

The FieldEdge team has been working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition to FieldEdge 3 for our existing customers. The following guide provides more details about how the transition will work.

πŸš€ Making to Transition to 3.0

In two simple steps...

1. Connect Your Nation

To get started, you will need to login to the new HQ Dashboard and connect/authenticate your nation. From Oct 17, you or anyone who previously had access to the FieldEdge Dashboard for your nation can login to our new HQ Dashboard here using an email address.

2. Download the App

You and your users will need to download the FieldEdge 3 app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We recommended downloading the app yourself and logging in to make sure all is well before notifying your users.

The new app can be found by searching "FieldEdge 3" or you can send yourself and your teammates a download link.

Please note: FieldEdge 3 isn't fully backward compatible with FieldEdge 2. If you are sharing lists, we recommend moving all users to FieldEdge 3 at the same time to maintain household completion status across teams.


Our promise to you: your pricing will remain the same for 6 months. You will now have access to our new, β€œPro” plan which includes nearly all of our new features. After 6 months, you will have the option to downgrade to our β€œStarter” plan which includes the same features as our (now legacy) "Campaigner" plan. If you are currently on our Core plan (without canvassing) or canvassing year round, you may benefit from our new pricing that offers substantial discounts for annual upfront payments. Please reach out to learn more.

🦸 Exploring your new capabilities

FieldEdge 3 comes with many new power features. We encourage you to explore the product tours from the menu to learn more. Please bare with us while we update these tours and guides over the coming weeks.

Thank you for support πŸ™

We greatly appreciate your support and please remember, we are here to help.

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