FieldEdge Special Tags

Wondering what the "FEe:walk Completed" tag means? Learn why and how this tag is applied to people when using FieldEdge.

The role of tagging in FieldEdge

To keep track of what people in your nation have been contacted during while canvassing or phone banking, FieldEdge "special FE tags" to reflect the interaction. The tag includes if it was a walk or call and if they were completed (any status) or skipped.

As of late April, these interactions apply across all lists and in proximity walks. So if a person was completed during a canvass on one list, they will be completed on another list or while using Proximity Walk.

In order to re-canvass or re-call a person, their completion status will need to be reset by removing the special FieldEdge tags. You can do this either using a batch update to a list in NationBuilder or by using FieldEdge HQ' List Reset tool.

NotesExample Tag(s)

Tags associated with a completing a person (with any status, eg. inaccessible) during a FieldEdge Canvass.

FE:walk Completed (NEWEST FORMAT) FE:walk0 Completed (v3 FORMAT) fe:walk:20210822 canvassed (v2 FORMAT)

Tags associated with skipping a person during a FieldEdge Canvass (normally used if you want to canvass a single person in the house).

FE:walk Skipped FE:walk:231 Completed fe:walk:20210822 skipped

Tags associated with completing person (with any status, eg. Not answered) during a FieldEdge Call Time Session.

FE:call Completed FE:call:7243 Completed

Tags associated with skipping person during a FieldEdge Call Time Session.

FE:call Completed FE:call:323 Completed

Re-canvassing a contact

If you would like to re-canvass contacts after the change, remove any FieldEdge tags from the contact in NationBuilder. See our guide here.

Changes Made 11 April 2024

In order the facilitate better collaboration with FieldEdge teams, we recently made a change to the way FieldEdge tracks canvass and call time completions.

The transition should be fairly seamless for most. Continue reading to learn more about the transition.

Current Workflow in Summary

When a person is completed or skipped during a canvass walk or call time session, they are considered completed/skipped for the current list only. If that person is added to a new list, people are not considered completed/skipped.

New Workflow in Summary

When a person is completed or skipped during a canvass walk or call time session, people are considered completed/skipped across all lists including proximity walks.

Benefits of the Changes

The downsides of the current approach:

  • if a person was a member of multiple lists and were completed on one list, they wouldn’t be completed on the other lists which could easily lead to canvassing someone multiple times.

  • It also meant that while using Proximity Walk, completed houses weren’t reflected by peers and vice-versa.

With the new changes, the benefits are:

  • Campaign managers can spend less time managing lists and worrying about people being accidentally re-canvassed because once they are completed/skipped, that will be reflected everywhere in FieldEdge.

  • Behind the scenes, FieldEdge applies a tag in NationBuilder to indicates the status of a contact. The current approach involves dynamic tagging which leads to lots of different tags in your nation. After the change, the app will only apply a few static tags (FE:walk Completed, FE:call Completed,FE:walk Completed, FE:call Skipped) which makes it easier to manage.

What about existing data?

Existing people who have been completed or skipped in FieldEdge 2 or 3, will be shown as completed/skipped across all lists, including proximity walks.

What about my old tags?

Right now if you’re a heavy FieldEdge users, you may have a lot of tags in your nation you’d like cleaned up. We hope to offer the ability to clean up old tags using the tool mentioned above.

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