Canvassing Overview

FieldEdge heavily leverages NationBuilder's infrastructure and tools to provide a "NationBuilder-native" experience. Setting up your walk happens primarily in NationBuilder. Reporting can be done in NationBuilder or using FieldEdge's FieldEdge Performance reports.

Adding Your Team

If you are making calls with others who are not NationBuilder Admins, it is essential you follow our Team Setup guide.

Start Canvassing

  • To start canvassing a list of people, create a list in NationBuilder and assign it (see below)

  • You can also create walk lists on the fly:

    • To canvass people in your nation, based on your current location, you can use our Proximity Walk feature

    • To build your list from scratch, you can use our Cold Walk feature

Further reading:

pageCreating walk listspageCreate walk lists on the fly

Assigning a traditional list

After you have created your (traditional) walk lists in NationBuilder, you'll want to assign your list to your canvassers. Depending on how the users logs in, lists are assigned differently:

  • NationBuilder login: assign in NationBuilder

  • Accountless login: assign in FieldEdge HQ

This will enable them to access the list via the mobile app. *Note: NationBuilders Admins will have access to all lists in FieldEdge We recommend a separate list, under 500 people, be created for each canvasser. It is possible however for multiple people to share a list (when it is assigned to a permission set, group or if using Accountless login). Further reading:

pageAssigning walk lists

Working with surveys

You may want to include a survey as part of your canvassing workflow. FieldEdge uses native NationBuilder surveys. To use your NationBuilder survey in FieldEdge, you'll need to assign it to an unlisted Survey Page.

Further reading:

pageAdding a surveypageViewing survey results

Reporting Canvass Activity

Once you start walking, you may want to track who has been canvassed and the performance of your field efforts. This can be done in NationBuilder filters or using FieldEdge's more comprehensive Performance reporting. Further reading:


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