Adding a survey

Create a survey in your nation for users to access in the field


  • FieldEdge accesses the surveys from your NationBuilder account and makes them available within the app

  • New surveys are setup via your NationBuilder Control Panel

  • Surveys must be attached to a Page on your website that has a “Published” or “Unlisted” status

  • Results are sent back to your nation in real time as if the person had completed the surveys via your nation’s website

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Setup a new Survey in NationBuilder

  • Connect a Survey to an unlisted Survey Page

  • Check survey results

Also see:

Having Trouble? If some or all of your users are not seeing the survey you setup, see our article Surveys not showing up in FieldEdge

Automated Actions

NationBuilder survey's offer an incredibly sophisticated and power feature that enables specific actions to be triggered via a survey response. Most actions can be set at the survey level, the question level and the specific answer level. These can be setup via Survey's page Survey setting -> Basic tab.


One of the most useful survey actions is auto-tagging. When integrated with FieldEdge, it allows for granular segmentation based on survey responses. For instance, during canvassing activities, you can use tags to categorize voters based on their interests, their likelihood to support a campaign, or other criteria relevant to your strategy.

Add to Path

Set a Path, the Step and other path options. Ensure the person is guided on their journey to become a voter, member, donor, volunteer or any other desired path.

Enroll in Automation

Add them to an existing email automation workflow. Great for following-up post canvass.

Assign Point Person

Assign a point person (if not already assigned). Ensure each and every person is taken care of by the correct person in your campaign or organization.

Assign Membership

Assign a membership along with an expiry date. Get creative by assigning Memberships as a way to group people.

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