Multiple Nations

FIeldEdge HQ offers a lot of flexibility with how you manage and access nations. It is designed to enable Campaign Managers to work across multiple campaigns, for Organization's with many nation or resellers offering FieldEdge to their clients.

Firstly, Campaign Managers can have access to multiple nations under the one login and can switch between them at anytime.

Each nation can be attached to a single parent organization or each can be attached their own organization, or a combination.

You can invite other Campaign Managers to a single nation or invite them to all nations attached to your Organisation (as an "Organisation Admin"). Note that this also provides them access to the Billing section. Other organisation's can invite the same user to their organisation too.

Each nation is billed to the Organization it is attached to.

If you need assistance in this area, please don't hesitate to reach out as we understand it can be quite complex.

Add a new Nation

You can add a new nation to your existing Organization or a new Organization by selecting the Switch Nation menu in the top left hand ocrner and selecting "Connect new Nation". From there, select the Organization you'd like to attach it to, type the slug of the Nation and follow the prompts to Authorize. Finally, you will be prompted to start a trial.

Switch Nation

If you have access to multiple nations, either individually or via an Organization you're an admin of, you can swtich between the nations by tapping "Swtich Nation" in the top right hand corner and finding the nation you want to switch to.

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