Team Management

Anyone with Control Panel access to your nation is considered a Default User and can log in to the FieldEdge Mobile App without being added to FieldEdge explicitly (and permission set that meets our minimum requirements).

To facilitate our unique integration with NationBuilder, and enable different use cases, there are 3 types of users in FieldEdge.

You can think of these types of users as buckets that dictate what a user can do (as it applies to the mobile and the HQ Dashboard) and allow you to customize the Mobile App experience for each.

We recommend reviewing the 3 user types below to understand which best fits your needs:


For users with a NationBuilder login who don’t need access to the FieldEdge HQ Dashboard

  • Anyone with a login to your Nation (and permission set that meets our minimum requirements) can log in to FieldEdge and will be considered a Default User.

  • Their access to Contacts will be influenced by their NationBuilder permission set.

  • Does not need to be added or invited outside of NationBuilder.

  • Lists are assigned in NationBuilder – restricting access can be nuanced and cumbersome.

  • The same list cannot be assigned to multiple users simultaneously.


For users without a NationBuilder account

  • Users will sign in with their mobile numbers.

  • Needs to be added by a Campaign Manager in FieldEdge HQ Dashboard.

  • Best for volunteers who should have a heavily filtered experience.

  • Lists are assigned via NB Dashboard.

  • The same list can be assigned to multiple users simultaneously.

  • Cannot access the People section (Mobile CRM).

  • Not available on all plans.

Campaign Manager

For users who need access to the FieldEdge HQ Dashboard and optionally the mobile app

  • To login to the mobile app: requires a NationBuilder login with a permission set that meets our minimum requirements (the Admin permission set meets these requirements by default) to log in to the mobile app.

  • Needs to be invited by another Campaign Manager.

  • Best for regular, trusted staff with the Admin permission set in NationBuilder/

Managing Your Team

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