Capture campaign involvement / volunteer interest

In any campaign, identifying and engaging with individuals who express an interest in volunteering is crucial. FieldEdge, integrated with NationBuilder, provides effective tools to record and categorize this interest and allowing for efficient follow-ups. Two primary methods can be used for this process:

  1. Marking the Person as a Volunteer

    • In FieldEdge, this can be done directly from a person's profile. Access the Action menu located in the top right-hand corner and toggle the volunteer status to Yes. This action automatically updates their NationBuilder profile, adding a "wants to volunteer" note and applying a volunteer flag.

  2. Using Tags for Specific Interests

    • Tags can be used to mark preferences for activities like displaying a yard signs, hosting events, or participating in phone banking and canvassing. Tags like interest - yard sign or interest - host a party can be created for this purpose.

Tags can be applied in two ways:

  1. Via the Tags action, accessible from the Action menu in any profile.

  2. By setting up a survey with auto-tagging capabilities, which automatically assigns tags based on survey responses.

This system ensures that volunteer interests are accurately captured and organized within FieldEdge and NationBuilder, streamlining campaign efforts and volunteer management.

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