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Offline Capabilities

As of FieldEdge 3.0, the mobile app can be used offline. Changes made while offline are synced back to your nation whenever the data connection becomes available again. Syncing happens automatically and in the background. Not all features are available offline and for now, we have focused on making canvassing possible without a data connection.

Preparing for an offline canvass

To start a walk while you are offline, you will need to download the list beforehand. To do this: create a new Walk, select a list and then tap Save for Later.

Start a walk offline

To start a saved Walk while offline, go to Canvass menu, find your Walk and tap it to start. You will be taken directly to the list view. The map view will not be available when starting your walk offline.

What features work while offline?

✅ Available Offline
☁️ Online Only
  • Start a walk using List View (if create prior)
  • Complete or Skip person/household/building
  • Conduct Surveys
  • All Profile Actions
  • Add new person or household
  • Add a new contact
  • Create new walk (be sure to create your walk before going offline)
  • Map view (available when starting walk while online)
  • Sync household status
  • Street view
  • Viewing full profiles if not downloaded prior
  • Saving field activity back to HQ Dashboard (activity will be lost)
  • Searching for contacts by name, tag or list
  • People Viewing full profiles if not downloaded prior
Call Time
  • Create new Call Time session
Sync status Currently, FieldEdge syncs all data collected offline in the background so it isn't possible to see the status of the sync. If you would like to see more information about syncing while using the app, please reach out to us and let us know.