Accountless Users

For users without a NationBuilder account, best for volunteers who should have a heavily filtered experience.

Get to understand the differences and requirements of different user types here

Add a user

To add an Accountless user and send them a download link and login instructions:

  1. Go to the Team Management menu.

  2. Open the Accountless users area.

  3. Enter the user's name and phone number

  4. Optionally, select Send invite by SMS to send a download link and login instructions.

  5. Click Create Accountless User

(Now, don't forget to assign a list)

Assign a List

By default, an Accountless user won't have access to any lists in NationBuilder. A few quick things to know about assigning lists:

  • You can assign one or more lists to a user

    • Alternatively, you can give the user to all lists – current a future – in your nation (use with caution)

  • Any individual list can be assigned to multiple users.

To assign one or more lists to a user:

  1. Go to the Accountless users area.

  2. Click the Edit button (next to the user's name).

  3. Select Specific to assign individual lists (or All to provide access to all lists in your nation).

  4. Select the specific lists to assign to the user.

  5. Click Save List Assignment

Lists assigned to anyone else will show *Assigned*

View user's last login

You can see the last time a user logged in on the far righthand side of the Accountless users area.

Remove a user

To remove an Accountless user:

  1. Go to the Accountless users area.

  2. Select the user you want to remove.

  3. Press the delete (trash can) icon.

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