Trouble Logging In?

If you can't access the app or login to your HQ Dashboard, try these simple fixes.

How to login to FieldEdge

FieldEdge has several logins depending on if you are logging into the Dashboard or the mobile app, and if you are logging in as an Accountless user or not.

If you are a field user, see this Quick Start for Field Users guide or if you are running into a specific error, continue reading:

Important Concepts

What is a slug?

Your slug is the first part of the URL when you are using the NationBuilder Dashboard, eg. ("mycampaign" is the slug in this case).

If you were sent an email from FieldEdge, it should have listed your campaign/organisation's slug.

Activating your NationBuilder account

You may have been sent an invite from NationBuilder to activate your account. Before logging into FieldEdge, you will need to click the link in that email and set your password. Once this is done, you can use that password, along with your email address, to login to FieldEdge.

If you were never sent an invite from NationBuilder, don't know your slug or password, please touch base with your campaign/organisation. In most cases, we do not have this information.

Accepting an invite to "manage a campaign"

If you received an invite to help manage a campaign using FieldEdge, you will need to accept your invite from FieldEdge. If you do not already have a FieldEdge account, you will be asked to create one. This login can be used across multiple campaigns and nations.

Accepting an SMS invite

If you received an invite to download FieldEdge via SMS, there is no action required to accept the invite. Simply login as explained here: Quick Start for Field Users

Mobile App Errors

Solutions for when you are having trouble signing in to the app on your mobile:

šŸ›‘ "You do not have permission to use this app"

āœ… Solution

The NB account you are signing in with does not have permission to use third-party apps (this includes FieldEdge). Contact the person who added you to the nation and advise them to enable "API > sign into apps" on your associated permission set. Learn more about FieldEdge and NationBuilder Permissions.

šŸ›‘ "We couldn't find a FieldEdge account for the nation"

āœ… It appears the nation does not exist at the provided slug. Please check your spelling.

šŸ›‘ "After looking carefully, we could not find an active subscription for this nation."

ā€‹āœ… If you have a trial with us, the trial may have expired Please contact us so we can check the status of your subscription in our system.

šŸ›‘ "This app is not registered for use by this nation."

You may have not signed up for an account on our website or your account is not connected your nation correctly. If you have not signed up for an account, please do so at

ā€‹āœ… If you already have an account, using an Admin account, login to your nation and go to "Setting > Apps > Install new app". Look for "FieldEdge 3" and click on the "Install" button.

Ensure you have the latest version of FieldEdge installed "FieldEdge 3"

šŸ›‘ "An error has occurred: The client is not authorized to perform this request using this method"

You are using FieldEdge v2 which is no longer supported.

ā€‹āœ… Please download FieldEdge v3 from your app store.

šŸ›‘ There is no error message but the app is stuck on a blank loading screen

āœ… Solutions to try

  1. Visit your nation's login page from your phone using your preferred browser. You login page can be found at ā€“ if it loads, move on to the next step. If it doesn't, NatioBuilder may be having connection issues.

  2. Restart your phone and try logging in again

  3. Delete the app and reinstall it

HQ Dashboard Errors

Solutions for when you are having trouble signing in to the Dashboard on our website:

Firstly, be sure you are logging in at

Ensure you are using the email address and password you signed up with. This is not your NationBuilder login details.

If you need to reset your password, please reach out to support. ā€‹

Still having trouble?

If you are seeing an error not listed above, please reach out with your email address and nation slug and we'll get you sorted right away.

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