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Error message: You do not have permission to use this app


Are you encountering the "You do not have permission to use this app" error message in FieldEdge? This common issue typically arises when your account lacks the necessary permissions. Don't worry, though – resolving this is usually straightforward with the help of your NationBuilder account's Admin.

Adjusting Permissions

An Admin of your NationBuilder account will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings: Click on Settings in the main menu of NationBuilder.

  2. Select Nation Defaults: Within Settings, find and select Nation Defaults.

  3. Edit Permission Sets: Navigate to Permission Sets and edit the relevant set.

  4. Enable Key Permissions:

    • Ensure the API option is checked.

    • Activate the "Sign into apps" permission.

    • Leave other permissions unchanged unless otherwise needed.

By enabling these permissions, your account should be all set to access and use FieldEdge effectively.

Further Information

For a more comprehensive understanding and additional details, please refer to our FieldEdge/NB Permissions guide. This resource offers an in-depth look at managing permissions within the FieldEdge and NationBuilder.

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