Collecting, managing, and using data smartly is key to running a successful campaign.

As you and your team use FieldEdge, NationBuilder will be collecting data about the people you interact with. This data can be extremely useful for analyzing your performance and future communication.

Want to understand the performance of your canvassing activity? Need answers to questions like?:

  • How many people were canvassed last week?

  • Who canvassed the most households today?

  • What was the reception/outcome at the door in a certain area?

  • What notes were entered at each door?

  • How many doors are we hitting per hour?

  • What canvassers are performing the best/worst?

There are two approaches to reporting activity in FieldEdge:

FieldEdge's HQ Dashboard delivers overarching reporting of campaign performance, broken down by different criteria and delivered in chart format.

It also allows you to track your canvassers' real location on a map as they complete households (not available on all plans) for greater oversight and accountability.

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