Capturing Voter ID/Sentiment/Support Level

When canvassing, it’s essential to gauge and record the level of support from each voter you interact with. NationBuilder introduced the concept of 'Support Level' to gauge voter support, and FieldEdge has adopted this feature, providing a consistent and integrated experience across platforms.

Capturing Support Levels

By default, on the Canvass Profile screen in FieldEdge, you'll find the 'Support Level' section prominently displayed. This intuitive interface allows you to quickly capture the voter's sentiment by simply tapping the corresponding number that reflects the individual’s support.

Support Levels range from 1 to 5, each representing the voter's inclination towards your campaign:

🟩 1 – Strong Support (Green)

The person is a strong supporter, likely to advocate for your cause / vote for your candidate.

🟦 2 – Weak Support (Blue)

The person supports you but is not as vocal or active as those at level 1. Will most likely vote for your cause / candidate.

⬜️ 3 – Undecided (Grey)

The person is neutral, undecided, or their stance is unknown and may or may not vote for your cause/candidate

🟧 4 – Weak Oppose (Orange)

The person is opposed to your campaign but not actively working against it and will likely not vote for your cause/candidate

πŸŸ₯ 5 – Strong Oppose (Red)

The person is a strong opponent, possibly actively working to support your competition and it is highley likely they will not vote for you.

Best Practices

  • Consistency: Use the same criteria for each voter to maintain consistency in how support levels are assigned.

  • Training: Ensure all canvassers are trained on what each level signifies to avoid discrepancies in data capture.

  • Verification: Double-check that the support level is correctly inputted to avoid future confusion or inaccurate reporting.

By following these steps, you'll be able to quickly and effectively capture each voter's support level, creating a valuable dataset for your campaign's strategic decision-making.

If you are going with a "Yes, will vote for candidate" or a "No, will not vote for candidate", you may wish to stick with 1 (Green) & 5 (Red).


When you record a Support Level in FieldEdge, this information is sent to the FieldEdge HQ Dashboard for real-time campaign insights and also synced to NationBuilder as a Logged Contact on the person's profile.

Learn more about reporting here.

For a detailed guide on using the Canvass Profile screen, please refer to our Canvass Tour Guide.


You can also capture voter ID, sentiment and other key info using surveys + automated actions using Tags, Paths, Memberships and more.

Capturing Support Level is an App Customizations option and can be turned off for any of your user types if you do not wish to capture it.

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