Create walk lists on the fly

There are two ways you can allow your canvassers to create a walk list of the fly with no need to create a list in NationBuilder. In both of these scenarios, the end user is in control of creating these lists.

Proximity Walk

With the Proximity Walk feature, canvassers can create lists on-the-fly based on your NationBuilder database and their current location. The user can set a radius to find people and filter the results by distance, assigned tags, support level, priority level and if the voter is assigned to the canvasser.

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Cold Walk

In the case where you do not (yet) have access to a voter file or database of targets, you may want to build your own data from scratch, by knocking doors in the field and adding them to your nation.

Cold Walk allows you to start a walk without an existing list and add households and people as you walk.

Upon starting a Cold Walk, a NationBuilder list will be created automatically. Canvassers can add houses by tapping the "Add new household button" or by tapping a new household on the map.

After the house and person has been created, the household or person can be canvassed as normal.

Creating walk lists on the fly is an App Customizations options and can be turned off for any of your user types.

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