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FieldEdge's Actions menu is a key feature for taking additional actions on a person's profile.
Easily accessible from a person's full profile, during Canvass sessions, or while in Call Time, this menu is identifiable by a grid icon featuring six squares, located in the top right-hand corner.
The Actions menu includes:
Add private notes to a person's profile for internal reference and follow-up.
Log Contact
Record any direct or attempted interactions with a person, maintaining an organized contact history. Note: this is already integrated into the Canvass and Call Time flows.
Manage tags associated with a person, including viewing, adding, or removing them for better categorization.
Priority Level
Assign a priority level to a person, aiding in the allocation of resources and attention where needed.
Support Status
Update a person's level of support, crucial for campaign and community management. Note: this is already integrated into the Canvass and Call Time flows.
Open in NB
Directly access a person's NationBuilder profile for more in-depth information not available in FieldEdge.
Complete surveys on behalf of a person in NationBuilder, gathering essential feedback or data.
Include a person in specific NationBuilder lists, facilitating targeted communication and organization.
Log a person's RSVP to events in NationBuilder, crucial for event planning and attendance tracking.
Indicate a person's interest or involvement in volunteering, essential for mobilizing and managing volunteer resources.
This menu in FieldEdge enhances the efficiency of handling individual profiles, providing a straightforward and centralized way to perform essential actions, both in FieldEdge and NationBuilder.